Be ready for the O+ 8.9 and O+ 8.12 Jelly Bean Update

If you are using the O+ 8.9 and O+ 8.12, there will be a Jelly Bean update soon on your smartphones. These two high-end mobile phones will definitely experience the power of a Jelly Bean. Of course! What will happen to your phone if you have the new update, it will enhance some of the features of the device.

To get the update of your O+ android phones, just visit any nearest service center to you. Don’t worry guys,  in case you’re far from the SC’s, O + Plus is now working to send these updates via OTA (over-the-air).

And also, if you're planning to purchase  O+ Plus mobile phone, don't forget to check the android phones that run on a Jelly Bean like 0+  8.52 and O+ 8.6. There are lots of cheapest and best phones that O + Plus can offer to you base your money and needs.

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