7 Apps that Help you Move out of your Home

Transferring homes is an exhilarating yet a physically taxing needless to say mentally draining thing to do. The packing and unpacking of boxes, settling logistical concerns, and juggling financial requirements are enough to knock one out. Good thing, technology has caught up to alleviate the burden from everybody.

Startup companies which specialize in logistics have dominated the market. They offer affordable lipat-bahay rates which help cut down on finances without compromising the safety of transported items. Below are 7 applications and websites that offer logistics service in the Philippines.
The logistics provider which has the widest coverage. Despite starting last 2016, Transportify caters not just to Metro Manila but to areas of Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, and Laguna. Their rates are categorized into two: standard fare and full day fare.
A truck under standard fare starts at P2,100 and comes with a moving assistant. An additional helper will cost you P200. The starting fare is only good for the first three kilometers. Succeeding kilometers will warrant P50. If you require a larger truck for the move, you just need to add P400.
If you are in a tight budget, Transportify offers customized deals to maximize the suitable vehicle that will cater to your need. You just need to navigate the app or the website to economy class.
The app is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.   
Operating across nine cities internationally, this youngest logistics provider has started its service journey last November 2016. Catering to any place in Metro Manila, this is the most ideal provider for any transfer which will not go beyond 1,000 kgs. The largest vehicle they have on their arsenal is an L300 van. So, if it is just furniture that you are planning to move, then this guy has got your back. Not to mention that it offers the cheapest deal amongst this list. Starting at P350 for each van. Every kilometer will cost you P30 only and a P100 for every hour of service charge. While a helper will only cost you P200. What’s more is that they do same-day delivery.
The app is already available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.   
A proudly Filipino founded a business that offers same-day delivery of anything door-to-door. Started last 2015 as a medium enterprise, this app has included to its list of service lipat-bahay. With a 24/7 customer service support, you can track real-time the status of your transported items without sweat. Mober’s service area is limited only to Metro Manila.
A four-wheeler truck is based at P3,000 and comes with one moving assistant. However, this fee is just for the first five kilometers. A P3 service fee is charged every minute. At most a 15-kilometer trip for four hours will cost as much as P3,970. Though this price varies depending on time and other factors asked by the app.
The app is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.   
This app is your one-stop-shop for all services you might need. Ranging from plumbing, electrical, events and tutorials they also cater to logistical services such as lipat-bahay. Claiming to be Southeast Asia’s premier service provider, this startup business has dominated the industry by pooling the most talented personnel under their roster. What’s more, their range of service is that of the entire Philippines.
The fee for a four-wheeler truck which can carry four tons is at P3,200, while a six-wheeler truck, on the other hand, which has a carrying capacity of six tons is at P3,800. Both come with a pair of moving assistants which can aid you with the loading and unloading of your things. For additional support, you will need another P300 for it. The catch here though is the entire move should be done in four hours. A fee of P500 will be charged for succeeding hour. While P350 for buildings or establishments which has no elevators.
The App is already available at Google Play Store for Android users, while Apple App Store for Mac users.
Almost every item and form of service are already found here. Facebook went beyond its original feature to connect friends to each other. It has and continues to connect people to different sellers, businesses, and service providers looking for affordable deals which would otherwise not be available in other apps.
One company which has gained popularity is JTS Trucking Lipat Bahay. They cater to areas of Metro Manila for almost 30 years. They have also serviced popular celebrities such as Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Luis Manzano, Dennis Padilla, LA Tenorio and many more. They can be reached through their FB page www.Facebook.com/JTSLipatBahayTrucks
The App is already available at Google Play Store for Android users, while Apple App Store for Mac users.
This is your online classified ads. While this operates internationally and owned a German startup company Yelwa. It has operations here in the Philippines. Similar to OLX, this app has literally everything listed on it. From jobs, rents, sales, and service providers, you can book and select which one suits your taste and budget. Currently, there are over 10 service providers registered and accredited by this app. They cover different areas in Metro Manila and offers reasonable deals depending on distance, weight, and the time of your house movement.
The App is already available at Google Play Store for Android users, while Apple App Store for Mac users.
This site offers a nationwide logistics service. Boasting a 17-year stint in the industry, they have an extensive roster of available trucks which are 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler, 19-20 ft long open truck, prime movers, and boom truck. Though they don’t have a mobile app like the rest, they can be contacted through the following means: www.lipatbahay.com.ph (website).
What’s more is they offer a 24/7 customer hotline which accepts inquiries, grievances, and updates on the status of your items. Their trucks are also GPS equipped which makes it easier to track real time.

Be it an app listed here or through a contracted jeepney driver or a close friend of yours, moving your stuff from one place to the other has been made easy for everyone. Everything rests on which one you think fits your own standards. Be that as it may, remember it isn’t the price that you should be most worried of, but the safety of your things including the overall quality of service offered by the one you chose.  


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