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Piso Net is the newest computer rental in Manila?

I’m not really sure if all of you are familiar on Piso Net . This is the newest computer shop of the young Pinoys nowadays. It’s just like a combination of PC rental and Aracade rental services. All you need to is insert coins to the machine to access internet. The rate is one peso for 5 mins but some shop’s rate are one peso for 6 mins. Piso Net is composed of PC parts and a wooden box which is similar to arcade machine or videoke machine. Almost every other streets on the Metro has now Piso Net. It's also one of the growing businesses in Manila. Have you ever try Pisonet ? What can you say about it? Photo by

Apple iPad 5 to unveil on October 22

If you’re waiting for the Apple iPad 5 , Apple is reported to be announcing this new gadget on October 22nd. The Ipad 5 will shorter and lighter and will likely to have new fingerprint sensor  just like the latest iPhone 5s. It’s also rumored this device will have the Apple's 64-bit A7 CPU. There’s no yet exact date when and where Apple is holding the event. The company might announced new products as well.