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Ahead Of The Expected: LG HVAC Solutions Star In New Brand Video

Now that the blistering heat of Summer has officially started, air-conditioning units have become a godsend. Especially in hospitals and other areas where frontliners are working tirelessly in, having access to cool, clean air helps tremendously. Unseen, unheralded and often underappreciated, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions are the unsung heroes of modern life that bring thermal comfort and freshness to all kinds of places. Merging seamlessly into the background, HVAC is what keeps the air in our homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls – and wherever else you care to name – blissfully cool in the summer and fresh and healthy all year around.  A Prominent Player in the Global HVAC Market For more than half a century, LG Electronics (LG) has been a leading innovator in the commercial HVAC solution space, supporting its customers to thrive and grow with its technologically advanced products. With an innovative product portfolio, solid R&D foundati