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Jumpstarting growth: How ‘hacking’ your apps can be a solution for you

It seems almost every day we get bombarded with ads clamoring for us to download the hottest new app that will change our lives. Need something to track your sleep, or something that can convert images to text? There’s an app for that! How about the note-taking app that’s somehow better than all the others on the market? There are quite a few of that, too! But which app should we get? How can budding apps compete with already established titans in a market where recognition is everything? Enter: Growth hacking. It’s growing, growing, growing But what exactly is growth hacking? To put it simply, growth hacking is a strategy where creative tactics are employed in any part of the product development process and consumer journey to focus on growth. For startups and app creators, it’s certainly a viable alternative to reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time at a lower cost compared to traditional marketing. Shane Shan, director of APAC Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, explains tha

Get the biggest discounts and deals of up to 50% OFF in realme’s Shopee Super Brand Day Sale

 The no. 1 smartphone brand in the PH culminates the Global Fan Fest celebration with its biggest ever Shopee sale on August 26-28! 2021 has truly been an incredible year for realme as it was recently hailed the no. 1 smartphone brand in the Philippines for the first two quarters, and with its global milestone of reaching 100-million fans worldwide. As a tribute to the realme Squad for their continuous support, the brand is set to launch its biggest ever Shopee Super Brand Day Sale on August 26 to 28. The sale is in line with realme’s month-long Global Fan Festival celebration this month which has been jam-packed with a remarkable roster of events, promos, and other initiatives dedicated to the brand’s loyal Filipino fans. With amazing deals, discounts, and vouchers, realme’s Shopee Super Brand Day sale is a testament to the brand’s mission of providing the best digital lifestyle experience for every Filipino. Starting at 12am on August 26, the Squad can shop for their favorite realme

Midea’s multi-functional microwave oven for retro feels and a pop of color

 For retro feels and a pop of color in your kitchen: Midea’s newest microwave ovens Are you looking for a super functional microwave oven that will spice up your kitchen with a pop of color? Check out Midea’s new line of Retro Microwave Ovens which are so extra in both departments – it’s both multifunctional and a certified head turner!      Midea, the world’s largest manufacturer of major appliances, presents these new microwave ovens with smooth, rounded edges and a sleek, retro pop feels. They come in two colors that are rarely be seen in the market: Retro Blue and Retro Red.  So, if you prefer something fiery and bold, the Midea 20L Retro Red Manual Control Microwave Oven (P3,395) might be ideal for you. Apart from its distinctive color, it offers topnotch features: energy efficient as it only consumes one peso in electricity consumption in three minutes of cooking; a mechanical timer of up to 35 minutes; and it can cook food in seconds while preserving natural nutrients of ingredi

Huawei donates $200,000 for PLDT’s CSR

Chinese tech giant Huawei has donated $200,000, or about P10.11 million, to PLDT Smart Foundation (PSF) to help fund the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs of PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications Inc. The CSR initiatives for funding to be determined by both PSF and Huawei will include disaster response, rehabilitation and recovery, promotion and enhancement of education in the country, environmental conservation, and the use of technology in health services. “I would like to thank Huawei for the $200,000 donation to PSF, which will go a long way in supporting our CSR programs like education, disaster relief, environment, telehealth, and many more,” PSF chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said. PLDT and Smart have been longtime partners with Huawei. PSF and Huawei’s partnership started years ago when Chinese tech giant donated disaster relief equipment, such as tents, rechargeable lights, and other tools, for PSF’s disaster response program. It has also contributed 13 sets of school

Elevate Your Home Entertainment Experience Like Never Before With LG’s OLED TVs

Get your LG OLED TV with massive discounts through their partner retail stores and e-commerce channels Entertainment has been reaching more and more people throughout the world — through the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days where audiences get to watch a movie in the cinema or watch a live concert with a massive crowd. “Home-tainment” has become the new norm, and LG Electronics (LG) is reinvent-ing and reshaping entertainment experiences by creating the same sensoria and visual ex-perience that make the audience feel like they’re living it. LG is reimagining what home entertainment can be. With its cutting-edge technology that delivers an effortless experience that will make you enjoy your time at home and an ele-gant design that will fit your space as if it’s a work of art, LG’s line of groundbreaking OLED TVs will surely fit your elevated lifestyle and taste. The unbelievable delivery for viewing and gaming has earned itself the right to be known as the best gaming televisio