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Huawei launched Tech Day to Power Digital Philippines

Huawei Philippines held the Tech Day 2021 on November 11, aiming at discover how pioneering enterprises are applying innovative ICT technologies to create digital infrastructures for the entry of the intelligent era. Whilst the pandemic has pushed the pause button, performance varies from company to company, industry to industry, and country to country. One of the keys to thrive is by going digital. According to McKinsey, COVID-19 has caused digital transformation to jump ahead by 7 years globally and by a full 10 years in Asia Pacific. In the face of an increasingly complex business environment, resilience has become an important development strategy for companies, and digital technology, is the key to building this resilience. Todd Liu, Director of Enterprise Business Department from Huawei Philippines, said during his speech, “ As digital transformation enters a new phase, we will tackle three big changes. First, digital transformation will become central to office work. Second, pro