Ultimate Guide For Gadget Seekers

Our dads are usually into gadgets. From phones to computers, they aspire to get the latest models that suit their lifestyles, and interests....

Best tech gifts for every dad this Father’s Day

Our dads are usually into gadgets. From phones to computers, they aspire to get the latest models that suit their lifestyles, and interests. With Father’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to show your love and gratitude to our dads with the best tech gifts:


A one-stop shop for cool, functional gadgets is Xiaomi. The brand not only offers top of the line smartphones. Here are some smart home items from Xiaomi that every dad will appreciate.

Casual photographer

For dads who are looking to upgrade their phones, the Xiaomi 11T Series is the perfect all-around smartphone, especially if he loves photography. Its 108MP pro-grade camera can capture stunning details on landscape shots and portraits. And with the 120Hz AdaptiveSync AMOLED display, they can view their photos and videos in the best quality. (Great news: This smartphone can be purchased at a more affordable price via the ongoing Price Slash Promo!)

Workout enthusiast

Jogging, biking, or sports – whatever physical activity your dad is into, the Xiaomi Smart Watch S1 can help keep track of their workout progress. They can enjoy 117 modes depending on their routines, and monitor their health via the Bio Sensor and High Heart Rate Alerts. Get one for yourself so you can be your dad’s fitness buddy.

Movie buff

Movie marathons and binge-watching TV series will never be the same with the 43” Mi P1 Smart TV. Its wide color gamut brings rich and vivid colors for an immersive viewing experience. It also comes with a 360° Bluetooth remote control that works from any direction.

Gamer god

Update dad’s gaming den with the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34” with ultra-high definition. This is ideal for those who are building their dream PC setup as its captivating picture quality achieves a conducive environment for your avid gamer dad.

Music fan

Albums and podcasts will sound so much better with hi-fi sound quality. The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro delivers dimensional audio and has a Noise Canceling Technology for dad’s distraction-free listening. Their compact design also makes it the ideal companion while on the move.


Some dads prefer to style their facial hair on their own, which is why you should consider getting them the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver. It has Smart controls that deliver consistent speed and power for a sharp, thorough shave every time.

Make this occasion special with these Father’s Day gift ideas. Check out Xiaomi’s offerings on its official website and Lazada. For more updates and information, follow Xiaomi’s Facebook page.


Secure by design solution complements NTT’s Managed SD-WAN and Managed Private 5G, enabling a safe return to the office and improved operati...

NTT Announces Global Availability of New Managed Campus Networks Services Enhancements

Secure by design solution complements NTT’s Managed SD-WAN and Managed Private 5G, enabling a safe return to the office and improved operational efficiency for a distributed workforce 

NTT Ltd., a global technology and business solutions provider, today announces significant enhancements to its Managed Campus Networks service, a portfolio of consulting, technical, and managed services designed to provide a seamlessly integrated campus network in the most demanding head office, branch, and manufacturing environments. 

The new platform provides a direct path for network transformation and enables organizations to access the latest cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled operations tools and critical connectivity services. The enhancements deliver an improved client experience through automation and efficiencies, access to globally available skilled network experts, and operational processes certified against industry best practice. This all combines to ensure an enhanced client experience when consuming managed services, meaning network health is improved and is more available to support client business requirements and ambitions.

NTT’s recent ‘2021 Global Workplace Report’ revealed more than two-thirds of C-suite executives believe connected workplace technologies are very important to the organization’s future workplace strategy. “It’s fundamentally important to have a modernized network services foundation that supports outcomes delivered by a hybrid workplace”, said Sunil Kishore, Senior Executive VP, Managed Network and Collaboration Services at NTT Ltd. “The pace of modern business needs robust communication, collaboration and access to business services all facilitated and enabled by the network.”

NTT’s Managed Campus Networks solution complements NTT’s Managed SD-WAN, and Managed Private 5G offerings by accelerating technology and operations transformation through automation, AIOps enabled platforms and analytics. These offerings help to deliver the best digital experience for employees, customers and devices connecting to the campus network. 

“In today’s demanding work environments, we know organizations require a one-stop shop for their network services,” said Amit Dhingra, Executive VP, Enterprise Network Services at NTT Ltd. “With NTT’s Managed Campus Networks services, we leverage the innovative digital capabilities of our service platform and experienced technical skills to provide enterprises with faster time to incident response, improved network agility, and deeper insights into network operations through our global service delivery, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aligned processes and certification.”

NTT’s Managed Campus Networks service offering is underpinned by NTT’s leading network infrastructure assets, including a tier-1 network backbone spanning five continents, SD-WAN services in 190 countries, and cloud-based NFV services in 75+ global Local Cloud Centers. NTT’s secure by design approach delivers security embedded and integrated as part of the network function which reduces risk and enables office-bound employees to safely return, by providing location-based services with deep analytics for business insights.

Networking continues to evolve at pace, and modern campus network infrastructures are composed of seamless wired, wireless, and cellular connectivity that need to perform to deliver modern business expectations. 


Leading global smart device brand OPPO announced that it is partnering with Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and mar...

OPPO Partners with Getty Images to Reinterpret Your Moment through the Find X5 Pro

Leading global smart device brand OPPO announced that it is partnering with Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, to launch the Reinterpret Your Moment campaign.

Inspiring photographers from all walks of life to unleash their passion for the craft through the lens of the OPPO Find X5 Pro, Getty Images will partner renowned creative expertise with its global network of Custom Content photographers to yield visuals that ensure true representation, global reach, and, ultimately, visual assets that connect with OPPO customers.

Just this May, OPPO introduced its cutting-edge Find X5 Pro flagship smartphone featuring advanced imaging capabilities. Powered by OPPO’s first self-developed NPU — MariSilicon X — and a revolutionary Five-axis OIS system combined with proprietary algorithms, the Find X5 Pro enables users to capture extraordinary images and express their inspirations to the fullest, no matter what the situation.

To further empower photographers to capture and share unique visual stories through their smartphone, OPPO will provide its latest flagship Find X5 Pro to 20 Getty Images Custom Content photographers, who will use the phone’s industry-leading image capabilities to submit their works to five photography themes, highlighting their unique perspectives:

Repicture Fatherhood

Reinterpret the World of Work

Age is Just a Number

Repicture Women

The New Milestones of Success

As the world’s foremost visual experts, Getty Images will also use their expertise in image curation to include images from the campaign in their global online library found at GettyImages.com.

“As the benchmark in visual content creation and curation, and a name synonymous with quality photography, Getty Images has inspired millions of creatives worldwide,” said William Liu, Vice President and President of Global Marketing at OPPO. “OPPO has always championed the idea of enabling users to interpret their world through the lens of their smartphone. With its legendary imaging experience, we believe the Find X5 Pro will empower even more people to uncover their inspiration through photography.”

“We are excited by our partnership with OPPO. At Getty Images we have spent over a decade working to break down stereotypes and create a more authentic visual view of concepts such as gender, LGBTQ, religion, race, mental illness and disability across media, advertising, and social media. Just as visuals have the power to shape ideas, we believe they have the power to move the world – elevating diverse narratives that can alter perceptions, evoke empathy and build community. The Reinterpret your moment OPPO campaign centers on our exclusive Custom Content photographers creating authentic views of fatherhood, our new world of work, age, women and the new milestones of success that looks to challenge stereotypes and also reflects what consumers want to see.” added Kate Rourke, Head of Creative Insights, APAC. 

With rising consumer demand for top-quality photo and video features on smartphones, OPPO has invested heavily in developing fundamental imaging technology to deliver advanced imaging experiences on its device. As OPPO’s high-end flagship series, the Find X series represents the pinnacle of OPPO’s pursuit in helping users unlock their creative inspiration through professional photography features.

Visit OPPO’s official Instagram page to view images from the campaign and find your own inspiration to Reinterpret Your Moment.