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Discounts up to PHP4K await Xiaomi device seekers This month, Xiaomi fans will enjoy up to P4,000 off on some of the global brand’s smartpho...

Xiaomi’s 8.8 Mega Sale kicks off on August 8

Discounts up to PHP4K await Xiaomi device seekers

This month, Xiaomi fans will enjoy up to P4,000 off on some of the global brand’s smartphones and AIoT products.

From August 8 to 12, up to 22 percent discount are up for grabs via Lazada – along with a Smart TV freebie for the flagship phone.

A premium compact phone, Xiaomi 12 blends the best of what can be had in a device  – powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, sleek design, pro-grade cameras, fast charging (both wired and wireless), and a sleek interface.

For only PhP 39,999, the Xiaomi 12 comes with a FREE 32” Smart TV within the promo period.

Value for money, power tech for hybrid living

Five other Xiaomi products, from budget friendly camera phones to stylish buds and gaming monitors, will be on sale.

The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34” will get a PhP 4,000 price-slash. Normally available at Php 23,999, buyers can get this ultrawide, immersive monitor for only Php 19,999.

Made for gaming with its 3440 x 1440 resolution, plus a 144hz refresh rate, this monitor also happens to be ideal for work multitasking – making it an impressive value-for-money proposition for people powering-up their hybrid lifestyle.

For a low-cost monitor option, the brand is also offering the Xiaomi Desktop Monitor 1C 23.8”, at a 14% special discount. Usually priced at Php 7,599, it will be up for grabs for only Php 6,499, a clear Php 1,100 savings.

Xiaomi is likewise offering exclusive deals on Redmi smartphones, buds, and smart watches.

Here’s the complete list of participating Xiaomi products and special 8.8 prices:


Don’t miss out on Xiaomi’s 8.8 Mega Sale this month. Check the Lazada store to purchase the devices.

For more exclusive updates, follow Xiaomi’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Visit the website for details.


When one begins to start earning their own money, one of the most daunting tasks is learning how to manage it. Senior Financial Advisor, Cer...

How do you spend your first paycheck? A finance expert weighs in.

When one begins to start earning their own money, one of the most daunting tasks is learning how to manage it. Senior Financial Advisor, Certified Associate Financial Planner, and content creator Antonette Aquino shares tips on how to build good financial habits for yourself as early as your first job, or if you’ve been working several years and want to improve on your money management:

1. Prioritize spending on needs and avoid splurging on things that will not bring you value in the future. Aquino also says that we can treat ourselves once in a while to enjoy the fruits of our hard work…for as long as it doesn’t jeopardize our future.

2. Pay yourself first. Before paying for bills, commit to setting a percentage of your income to savings and investments. This includes putting money into your investment accounts and buying insurance. Make sure to do this consistently!

3. Use the bucketing method to separate your finances. For people who are still trying to get the hang of saving, Aquino recommends trying out the bucketing method which allows you to have a clearer view of your spending and saving habits when all your funds are separated. Instead of having all of your money in one savings account, It is best to have four kinds of accounts: 

a. Operating Fund - Allocate money for recurring expenses such as quarterly, monthly, or annual bills in this account.

b. Emergency Fund – Allocate 20% of your income to this account for unforeseen expenses such as a medical emergency or a job loss.

c. Financial Freedom Fund – This account is for the achievement of life goals and dreams, which include retiring early or going back to school. 

d. Happy Account This account is for all of your leisurely expenses like travel.

4. When you earn more, don’t immediately upgrade your lifestyle. If you continuously level up your belongings and lifestyle every time you earn more money, you will never be able to hit your targets. Remind yourself to live below your means until you’ve begun to hit them.

5. The longer you put off investing, the harder you’ll need to work to get to the same level of financial freedom as someone who starts investing earlier. If you start saving and investing as soon as you start earning, you will reap the benefits of financial freedom sooner rather than later. 

6. The importance of saving money is simple: It allows you to enjoy greater security in your life. If you have cash set aside for emergencies, you have a fallback should something unexpected happen. Once you’re in the habit of saving, you’ll forget there was ever a time when you didn’t save. In this area of life, the habits you build will make all the difference. 

Start your financial journey with GSave

For those who want to begin their journey to financial stability, look no further. GSave, the first-ever savings account which you can open and maintain on your GCash app, has now built the GSave Marketplace — helping you control your money conveniently through safe and secure digital banking. 

The GSave Marketplace lets users select a bank partner depending on their needs. Whether it’s interest rate or account accessibility, GCash provides trusted bank partners for you, including CIMB Bank and BPI. 

With CIMB Bank, your money can grow at 2.6% interest per year - one of the highest rates in the country.. Meanwhile, with BPI, users can now open a BPI MySaveUp account through the GCash App, allowing them to easily view their balance, deposit and withdraw at their own convenience. BPI account holders will also be issued an ATM card for their account, so they can access their funds via BPI branches and ATMs nationwide. 

Following through with its promise to provide a hassle-free experience to its customers, all you have to do to start your banking journey with GSave is a valid ID to verify your GCash account. Through GSave Marketplace, users can rely on and easily access where users can choose from a variety of saving products. 

Get started on your savings today with GSave! 

To know more about the service, visit https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us/sections/360004696233-GSave


Enjoy exclusive discounts up to 56% off, discount vouchers, and more during the OPPO Mega Brand Day Sale on Shopee and Lazada from August 8-...

Feeling lucky? Shop exciting promos and freebies at the OPPO 8.8 Brand Day Sale!

Enjoy exclusive discounts up to 56% off, discount vouchers, and more during the OPPO Mega Brand Day Sale on Shopee and Lazada from August 8-12

Time to check out those gadgets you’ve been eyeing and be lucky enough to score huge discounts, awesome freebies, and more this month as global smart device brand OPPO celebrates its 8.8 Sale! Add your dream smartphone and wearables to your Lazada or Shopee carts from August 8 to 12.

Spend the whole week shopping for your favorite OPPO smartphones and wearables, with up to 56% off on the bestselling A16 and A55, and the Portrait Experts OPPO Reno5, Reno6, and Reno7 5G, OPPO Band and Enco Buds.

For buyers who want to try their luck on 8.8, OPPO is giving away freebies, like G25 Bluetooth earphones for each smartphone purchase (per order ID) from 12:00-2:00pm only, and A8 Long Speakers for every purchase (per order ID) of A55 from 9:00pm-11:59pm only. If you’re not one of the early bird shoppers, there are still more freebies in store for you! Throughout the five-day sale, you can also take home a 32GB SD card for extra storage of every A16 3GB buys and TG113 Bluetooth Speakers for all A55 purchases. If the Portrait Expert Reno Series is more for you, you can also take home Neon Island Deskpad for all Reno6 orders, and free A8 Long Speakers and Neon Island Deskpad for all Reno7 Series buys. 

If you’re also in the market for a bundle deal, the OPPO 8.8 sale is your chance to add to cart Enco Buds plus your gadget of choice for a steal! OPPO offers the Band + Enco Buds bundle for only Php 1,999; the A55 + Enco Buds for only Php 9,499; the A94 + Enco Buds for Php 11,999; Reno5 + Enco Buds for Php 15,999; and Reno5 5G + Enco Buds for Php 19,999. 

Don’t forget to redeem your free shipping vouchers during the sale period - that’s Php50 off for Shopee and Php55 off for Lazada, with a minimum spend of Php500. Plus, collect store vouchers worth Php200 and Php400, for every minimum spend of Php9,999 and Php14,999 respectively. Lazada shoppers can take home a little extra, as you can also redeem Php50 vouchers for every Php500 spent, and get 10% coins cashback with every purchase.

Giving you more ways to try your luck and look forward to 8.8, OPPO will also be hosting livestreams through their Tiktok account, and giving away special flash deals and prizes! Tune in on August 7 from 2:00pm to 9:00pm, August 8 from 11:00am to 9:00pm, August 9 from 11:00am to 7:00pm and August 10 from 11:0am to 7:00pm to fill your cart with exciting freebies and vouchers.

Add to cart with OPPO this 8.8 Super Brand Day Sale!

Start filling up your carts through OPPO’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada, and catch the 8.8 Livestreams through OPPO Philippines’ Tiktok page. For more updates and detailed promotion mechanics about the sale, visit OPPO’s official website at www.oppo.com/ph or the official Facebook page.