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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Redmi Smart Band 2

Xiaomi released the brand-new Redmi Smart Band 2 this week. Achieving fitness in a BIG way, the brand-new smart band aims to keep users motivated and encouraged to stay fit and healthy.   BIG Display, BIG Fun Featuring the 1.47” vibrant TFT display, it offers a 10.5% larger viewing area, making it easier to read the information displayed on the screen. Whether you are checking your heart rate on the run or messages on the way to work, you can have everything under your view with the flick of your wrist.   It also features more than 100+ band faces to match your mood and outfit of the day. Whether it’s a sports session or a romantic dinner, you have a range of stylish, cool and sleek band faces to choose from.   Fitness in a BIG way Weighing at only 14.9 grams, it features an ultra-slim body at only 9.99mm, making it not just look good, but it feels good to wear on the wrist. Installed with over 30 fitness modes, such as outdoor running, yoga, and hiking, it can help you achieve your fi

Experience and share the epic: Samsung debuts the new Galaxy S23 series locally with an epic launch party

Samsung ’s Epic House unveiled the new Galaxy S23 series at The Fifth in Rockwell with a spectacular launch party, bringing to life the brand’s promise of outstanding Nightography, the  pursuit of passion and the brand's continued commitment to sustainability in an immersive and interactive event. In a program hosted by content creator Nicole Andersson, Samsung shared a rundown of the S23 Series’ latest innovations, marking a new era of ultimate premium phone experiences - from truly cinematic Nightography videos with transformative AI, the “Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy” for powerful performance, an embedded S Pen that offers more possibilities for productivity, all housed within a striking design that advances the company’s sustainability commitment, this latest series from Samsung is truly set to redefine experiences and push one’s creativity to epic proportions.  Actress Liza Soberano, iconic photographer BJ Pascual, and famed artist Leeroy New then took guest

Acer tops 2022 consumer notebook sales in the Philippines for 16 consecutive years, also leads gaming notebook category

 Acer’s sustainability efforts and choice of brand ambassadors also got the public’s attention Acer continued to dominate the PC notebook category in the Philippines for 2022 and was the No. 1 consumer notebook brand for the 16th consecutive year. The brand topped the category with a 35.2% market share, according to a third-party research firm. Acer was also No. 1 in the gaming notebook category with a 40.4% market share. For 2022, market share peaked for Acer in October at 48.2% as post-pandemic hybrid work made notebooks even more of a necessity. In 2021, Acer had an overall market share of 33% - 30% in consumer notebooks and 34% in gaming notebooks. Online learning was among the drivers for growth. It was in the education sector that Acer truly showed its strength with multiple product offerings across all market segments and the brand’s value-for-money proposition. Acer’s sustainability efforts, particularly with the Green PC, Acer Vero, also helped push laptop sales. Other green a