The new line-up of Elan Models from Neo

There is a part of my life I became addict on playing online games such as Ragnarok, Counter Strike, Diablo and others. I’m sure you will agree to me playing these games is very exciting and relaxing. Even sometimes we are seated on the chair the whole day, taking our meals in front of the computer, experiencing back pains, we really don’t care. Our goal is to defeat those enemies and to win the game as soon as possible.

Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you my story about playing online games is because Neo recently launched a full line-up of gaming notebooks under the Elan Series. The latest products boast with Intel Processor, Microsoft’s Window 8 Operating Sytem and Nvidia’s 2GB dedicated graphics. These notebooks looks so cool and powerful. There are models which a bit bulky and heavy but definitely provide the ultimate performances of a gaming device.

Neo also partnered with three well-known entities in the gaming industry like Level Up!, Blizzard and Mineski. 

Level Up! is the one behind hugely popular Massively Multiplayer Online Games  which includes Ragnarok Online!. Blizzard  popularized the games like Diablo and Starcraft. Mineski is the one who promotes professional gaming scene in the Philippines.

All the latest Neo’s gaming notebooks are bundled with the Starcraft II game pack. I'm sure every gamer will be excited about these products.

Check out these new products such as NEO Elan LD7KW, NEO Elan LD5HW, NEO Elan LD2KW and NEO Elan LD1GL on any store of  Octagon, Pc Corner and Pc Express nationwide.

If you have these kind of devices, don't forget to share your reviews, opinions, comments or anything about the product. Thanks


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