Doss launches eye candies for music and voice enthusiasts

Doss presented to the members of the press its unique deviation from the speakers existing last May 6, the Doss 1178 Bluetooth Wireless 3D surround stereo speakers for tablet computers and smartphones.  

Fashioning colorful spherical speakers that seamlessly fit into the hand, the eye candies are remarkably powerful with its simple and quick bluetooth pairing with digital devices.  Music and voice fanatics have the option to use the speakers individually or in tandem for pure digital surround sound.

Audio enthusiasts should watch out for the hands-free, long battery life, and multiple peripheral connection capability of Doss 1156 and Asimom 3 DS-1189.   The  Doss 1156, has built in dual speaker, Doss patented air bass technology for superior surround sound experience.  The Asimom 3 on the other hand has Bluetooth A2DP for quick pairing with other devices, and can be charged wirelessly with the included charging base.

Outdoorsy types can take their rugged lifestyle to the next level with the spill proof, scratch proof and collission resistant features of Hurricane DS-1302 and Doss 1209. Hurricane DS-1302 has Bluetooth A2DP function and uses NdFeb magnets for powerful audio transmission.  Doss 1209 can be operated hands free and supports TF card for storage requirements. 

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the Doss Motion 1155, equipped with sensors that allow users control audio playbacks by the simple wave of the hand.  

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