Feast for the eyes by Acer projectors and monitors

Seeing videos or photos in all its vivid, crisp and clear details defines what a perfect viewing pleasure is all about. Global tech titan Acer provides just that. The Acer P7605, the U5313W and the H6510BD projectors and the XB280HK monitor give discriminating users the kind of viewing satisfaction they truly deserve.

The  Acer  P7605  is  definitely  unlike  other  multimedia projectors.  Perfect  for  larger  venues,  the Acer  P7605 redefines what people think about projectors being just,well, projectors. With WUXGA (Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array) resolution, trust the Acer P7605 to bring you an incomparable viewing experience than a  normal 1080p  projector  whether  at  home,  the  office  or during events. With a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, black is stronger,white  is  clearer  and  colors completely  well  defined.  At 5,000 ANSI lumens and up to 3,500 hours of lamp life, the Acer P7605 is definitely a steal.

Ever heard of short-throw projectors, which allow you to position it very close to the screen? Acer has one, the Acer,  a  projection  tool  ideal  for  use  in  classrooms or  office boardrooms. With WXGA resolution, expect the U5313W to deliver crisp and cool details into any image or video via Acer’s  color-enhancement  technologies.  Also  with  a 10,000:1  contrast  like  its  other  sibling  in the  Acerp rojector lineup, and an even longer lamp life at  up to 4,000  hours,  expect  this  baby  to become  a  favorite projector anywhere.

Another member of  Acer’s awesome projector family,  the ,  is  a surprise package for guests coming into  any home equipped with  this  exceptional  projector.  Bring  in  the popcorn,  the  soda,  chips and  what-have-you’s—the  Acer  H6510BD  is  a  great  and affordable addition to any home entertainment section. 

Wow  your  friends  and  family  with  its  full  HD (1080p) and 3D compatibility, great for watching 3D movies or any of your favorite blockbuster hits,making  weekend  movie  marathons  an  activity everyone can look forward to. Still with a 10,000:1 contrast  ratio,  this  is  a  worthy  investment  for those who want to have their own home cinema.The  3,000  ANSI  lumens  brightness  and  up  to  a staggering 5,000 hours of lamp life are the other noteworthy  features  of  the  Acer  H6510BD,  and whether  placed  on  a  table  or  mounted  on  the ceiling, it delivers on its promise of flexibility. Heck,it can even be brought to a friend’s house since it doesn’t take rocket science to set it up.

Finally, the Acer XB280HK monitor is a wonderful addition  to  Acer’s  growing  peripherals category.Touted  as  the  first  monitor  to  deliver  Ultra-High Definition  (UHD)  display,  Acer  left no  stone unturned  to  make  the  XB280HK  a  revolutionary monitor  for  PCs.  Serious  gamers out there  will drool  at  the  prospect  of  having  the  28-inch XB280HK  at  home  where  they  can play heart-stopping games and enjoy them for hours on end with its speedy 1-millisecond pixel response. With a 3840x2160 image resolution, games are viewed on extraordinarily vivid detail minus the image  stuttering,  thanks  in  large  part  to  the  XB280HK’s  G-Sync  display synchronization technology by Nvidia.  Its slim stand adjusts easily and is a wonderful add-on to any office or home work table.

For  more  about  the  exciting  Acer  line  of  projectors  and  monitors,  visit  the  AcerPhilippines Facebook  page  (www.facebook.com/AcerPH),  follow  Acer  via  Twitter(twitter.com/acerphils), or go to www.acer.com.ph.

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