Five Global Tech Innovations To Market Your Brand

We are almost nearing the end of a dynamic decade that has seen increasingly fast advancement in technology. Innovations continue to appear and push the boundaries of branding, marketing, and the retail space. If you are a brand manager or you own a brand that seem to need that extra marketing kick this year, then consider these five tech innovations for your brand this year.

Four-­‐star hotel Picasso makes use of a custom scent wafted throughout its interiors to greet guests with a distinct and pleasant aroma, 
courtesy of WAV Global's Atmospheric Branding solutions.

There is an app for that!

With smartphones figuratively attached to virtually every person in any demographic, it is time to tap into mobile apps, if you still haven’t done so. There is practically a mobile app for everything, and young people love to use them. So, creating an app for your brand allows it to be more user-­‐friendly and personalized, especially if your brand caters to millennials, largely referred to as the mobile-­‐first generation. Moreover, being available through mobile significantly increases your brand’s visibility and reach.

Keep it (virtually) real!

Everyone knows what virtual reality or VR is. It is probably one of the new buzzwords of the past year the momentum of which has carried on to 2017. VR is not just for video games and trippy shorts for killing time. Exploring the vast realms of VR opens up a plethora of immersive marketing possibilities for your brand. You simply have to use the VR technology that is already available and apply it to your messaging. Popular campaigns that have made use of this include Mercedes’ 360 virtual drive that lets users take a spin in a convertible on California’s Pacific Coast Highway and Merrell’s Trailscape that simulates a hike with optic motion capture.

Let ‘em hear it

Customized in-­‐store music and messaging have already become a branding trend. With all the visual stimulation and overkill that swarm consumers nowadays, creating more impactful consumer experiences that result in better brand recall means having to go beyond pure sight. Sound plays a big role in how people perceive your retail space and what feelings they will associate with your brand.
The best solution is to go for a curated sound that is customized for your specific theme, through both hardware and music choices. A good example of customized audio technology is the AudioWAV Music System by local tech company AudioWav Media or, simply, WAV. It is an all-­‐in-­‐one music player that also remotely controls multiple speakers and equalizers, synchronizing all your devices and operating them through unified software that only plays a curated choice of music to fit your brand.

Use the smell of success

Building off visuals and audio, the next step is to add another key element—scent. With scent diffusing technology, you can create a distinct aroma for your brand that will not only add to recall but also trigger specific feelings with your consumers. Studies from Tulane University and University of Notre Dame reveal that scent marketing can “amplify consumer spending, attract customers, and create memorable brands.” This is because 75% of emotions and reactions are triggered by smell.

A major player in the scent tech field, WAV’s CEO and President Caloy Hinolan champions the use of sense association for marketing campaigns. “It’s a win-­‐win for both consumer and brand,” says Hinolan. “Clients who go for the sensory route always see a spike in foot traffic and brand loyalty because the consumers remember positive experiences and better familiarity when interacted with in this way.”

Make senses of it all

Now, like all great unifying causes, combine everything and make your branding initiative a multi-­‐sensory approach.Sensory technology has been created to directly target and stimulate different senses (hearing, seeing, smelling) to create a deeper and lasting brand impression.
The ideal multi-­‐sensory tech stimulates the different senses all together in a unified system that is complementary to every brand message that you want to convey. Visuals come from customized TVs, LED signage, and even tablets for an interactive touch. Multi-­‐channel speakers and customized audio messaging sets the feel of your space. The finale comes through scent, with a distinct custom aroma that seals the deal.

WAV has pioneered a harmonious multi-­‐sensory tech ecosystem in Asia using proprietary hardware and software that is tailor-­‐made for every industry. Already among the industry leaders making use of mobile marketing and synced hardware and software, WAV is expecting to expand and offer even better tech solutions and innovative equipment through their P2.6-­‐billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) in March.

Surely, technology and its solutions will continue to change, but with these essential tools in your catalog, you won’t be left behind.  

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