How Point Of Sale Systems Give Your Business A Competitive Advantage

A point of sale system can be the difference between securing new customers and floundering in mediocrity. These systems do much more than just process payments, as they can be valuable in managing inventory and customers. When you are looking for industry-leading products such as the Smartswipe Credit Card Reader, work with the experienced team at Merchant Account Solutions.

SmartSwipe Products Combine Ease and Reliability 

SmartSwipe has the best POS Solutions for large and small businesses. This is perfect for any business as the new Clover pos station can track customers, manage inventory, and run analytics in real time. This system gives you all these features at a fraction of the price of other systems.

If you have an iPad or iPad Mini in your business, you have an easy way to process payments. This is great for restaurants as the servers can go from table to table managing orders and processing payments. The iPad POS terminal allows you to connect to any operating system.  

Card Readers Offer Benefits Beyond Processing Payments

You can choose between the All-in-One or Bundle POS for processing your payments. The M Pop POS is an advanced solution that combines a cash drawer with Bluetooth POS receipt printing. With a simple integration and smart design, you will be able to better utilize tools already within your business. 

The SmartSwipe Bundle POS is built with tools such as a Heckler Stand, barcode scanner, and iPad Grip Stand. The Bundle POS is built to meet the needs of today’s consumers, as it accepts a variety of payments including chip cards. You can print out standard receipts and/or e-mail receipts to customers.

The Clover cash register offers industry-leading products that are sure to please any type of business. The right product will not only help you better manage your business, but attract new customers. Check out the outstanding array of SmartSwipe products at Merchant Account Solutions today. 

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