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Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Watch5 Series: Now with BP and ECG Monitoring Features in the Philippines

The Galaxy Watch5 Series from Samsung just got better for Filipino users. With its latest update, the smartwatch now includes advanced health monitoring features, allowing users to keep track of their blood pressure and heart rate in a convenient and accurate way. The Samsung BioActive sensor is the key technology behind the new BP and ECG monitoring features. To use the BP monitoring feature, users need to install the Samsung Health Monitor application on their Galaxy smartphone, and then connect it to their Galaxy Watch5 or Watch5 Pro. They will then be able to calibrate the cuff and measure their blood pressure anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the ECG function works by recording the heart’s electrical activity through a sensor on the watch. Users can access these features via the Samsung Health Monitor app, and easily export the data to PDF. Aside from these health monitoring features, the Galaxy Watch5 Series also boasts improved sleep tracking technology. It can detect snoring, tr

Introducing the Print Bunny Kiosk: Your 24/7 Printing Solution

In today's fast-paced world, where remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the norm, businesses and students alike need a printing solution that's innovative, accessible, and hassle-free. And that's where the Print Bunny Kiosk comes in. Developed by Delsan Office Systems Corporation in collaboration with Community Cloud Print by HP, the Print Bunny Kiosk is the first printing vending machine in the Philippine market. It offers a seamless and convenient 24/7 printing service, eliminating the need for IT departments to manage print servers and print driver management. The kiosk is powered by the Microsoft Azure platform and uses the HP ePRINTit Solution to provide ultra-secure document protection for your stakeholders. The 256-bit Sha-2 encryption designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) ensures that files are protected from unauthorized access. You can print with confidence, knowing that your documents are secure. Print from Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, Box,

Unleash Your Inner Photographer with Xiaomi 13 Series

Do you love taking photos but struggle to capture the perfect shot? If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle to capture Instagram-worthy photos, but the secret to stunning mobile photography is lighting and sensor size. The Xiaomi 13 Series is a game-changer in the world of mobile photography, boasting a massive 1-inch sensor that captures more light and delivers superior exposure balance, dynamic range, and sharpness. With more light, you can take better-looking pictures, so experiment with different types of lighting to create different moods and effects. Natural light is usually the most flattering, so try to take photos during the golden hour when the sunlight is soft and warm. Avoid taking photos during midday sun as it can create unflattering shadows and washed-out colors. If you're indoors, experiment with different types of indoor lighting, such as lamps and candles, to create a cozy ambiance. The Xiaomi 13 Series takes mobile photography to the next level, thanks

How to Save Money This Summer with Exclusive Deals from Maya

Summer is just around the corner, and many of us are excited about taking a break from our busy lives. Whether you plan to go to the beach or have a relaxing staycation, you can enjoy your summer without breaking the bank, thanks to Maya, the Philippines' #1 digital banking app. Here are some ways you can maximize your summer spending and save money while enjoying rewards from Maya: Boost Your Savings with Maya Maya makes it easier to build your savings habit with high-interest rates and daily crediting. By using Maya for your daily transactions, you can boost your savings up to 10% p.a. Plus, when you open a savings account with a deposit of P1,000, you'll receive a free Maya Card. Save on Cash-In Fees You can save more money on fees with Maya. When you cash in via InstaPay, you'll receive a cashback on the InstaPay fee of up to P25. You can also enjoy free cash-in via linked banks and for over-the-counter channels up to P8,000 per month. Top up via Maya Center and get 100

Get the new HONOR X8a for only Php 10,990

Are you tired of blurry and pixelated photos? Look no further than the new HONOR X8a, equipped with a DSLR-like 100 MP Ultra-Clear Camera. Now you can capture all your precious moments in stunning high definition! And for a limited time, avail of our pre-order promo until March 24 and receive a FREE pair of HONOR Earbuds worth Php 1,590. Photo: Art Samaniego Whether you're a professional photographer or just someone who loves taking pictures, the HONOR X8a is perfect for you. Say goodbye to concerts that don't allow professional cameras like DSLRs because the HONOR X8a will make you feel like you're using one! Pre-order now at Php 10,990 and get a FREE pair of HONOR Earbuds worth Php 1,590. "As technology advances, phone cameras just keep getting better and better," says Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines Vice President. "Whether it's portraits, landscapes, or concert photos, the HONOR X8a can deliver better quality shots." The HONOR X8a boasts a power

Discover the Epic Camera and Processor: Top Features that Make Filipinos Love the New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Discover the top features that Filipinos love about the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series! The latest local survey shows that the epic camera and processor are among the most sought-after features of Samsung's flagship lineup. As the selfie capital of the world, it's no surprise that the Galaxy S23 series' Nightography feature and 200MP adaptive pixel sensor are top picks. With its multi-frame processing, Nightography allows you to shoot vivid and optimized videos even in low light. The Galaxy S23 series also boasts a 10MP telephoto camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 50MP wide camera, ensuring every shot comes out picture-perfect. Additionally, the enhanced 8K video at 30 frames per second and the new 360 audio recording feature on Galaxy Buds2 Pro make it possible to take cinematic-quality videos. Filipinos who love pushing limits and constantly reimagining what's possible will appreciate the Galaxy S23 series' brand-new Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, which